Inspired by hqsecretsanta and daiyasecretsanta (wow we’re all inspiring each other), we decided to host this year’s oofuri secret santa! 


  • All submissions must go to oofurisecretsanta!
  • Please be sure to inform us if you can’t make it to the deadline! However, submitting gifts early are A-okay!
  • Sending in multiple gifts are fine!
  • If you really can’t give out a gift anymore, inform us the soonest possible time.
  • We’ll try our best to organize this is a way where you would be comfortable with what you get + what you are supposed to make so please be sure to fill in the application properly!

Things you can give:

  • fanfictions (1k word minimum)
  • drawings/comics/etc
  • edits, photosets, manips, etc!
  • fanmixes

Please bear in mind that your gifts should be something that is not just a drabble or a sketch, or something that may resemble as unfinished.

Also—remember to have fun and be creative!!


  • Applications are open until October 30.
  • By October 31 and November 1 we will be messaging you regarding who you will be partnered with and their wishlist so please keep your submit box open!
  • By December 22, the gifts should be submitted to us already. We’ll post something on how to submit it by then!
  • Gifts and the Santas will be revealed on December 25!

Apply here.

Suggestions, opinions, violent to mild reactions and questions are welcomed!

kourvo replied to your photoset “Save them”

The lines in this batch of sketches look different than anything you’ve ever posted before! Looks really beautiful and, what’s the word for it? The opposite of stiff? …Alive? idk but it’s gorgeous!

Aahhh omggg whenever you comment on my stuff I’d just askjfhshafshfsff.

Iiiii have no idea what’s the word for it… I’m guessing the brush majorly influenced the way I sketch these and also I was listening to Zankyou no Terror’s ED repeatedly while at it. My drawings are really mood dependent it’s a little embarrassing ahah (//////) but thank you ‘A’

  #kourvo